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Conakry is not a tourist paradise, but this jewel of a city is continuously expanding and offers countless possibilities. The city has a technologically advanced public transport system that connects many of the country's largest cities, such as Freetown, Port-au-Prince and Lille. Many attractions include a variety of restaurants, hotels, shops, museums, art galleries and more. There are a whole host of places to choose from if you want to eat in more than one decent restaurant.

Conakry is a site of the National Museum, which highlights the history of Guinea-Bissau and its people, culture and history. French is widely spoken and taught in the country, as it is surrounded by French-speaking countries and is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as the University of the Guelphs and the Universite du Montpellier.

Guinea-Bissau has very little tourism and as a result there are no criminal tactics that normally target tourists. Sectarian and tribal violence, in contrast to political violence, is virtually unheard of, and peaceful acceptance usually coexists.

To get even closer to the city's inhabitants and history, you can visit the Niger Market and the huge Medina Market, experience real local culture or visit the Niger Market itself. If you have the opportunity, visit one of Guinea's many museums - Bissau, such as the National Museum, and take a closer look at the history of Conarky and its inhabitants. On a little more time there is also a small museum in the town of Gueckedou, where you can find many of the most famous monuments in the country. After visiting the markets, head to Conarksy for something to eat and drink and experience the real culture of the locals, and visit a national museum where you can admire the national monuments as well as a number of historical buildings.

Guinea - Bissau is a former Portuguese colony bordering Senegal and sharing a northern border with Mali, Senegal and Guinea - Bissao. Other important border posts include Gueckedou in the north, the capital of Guinea and the port city of Conarky, as well as the border posts of Koudou and Bizou. It borders Niger to the east, Mali and Senegal to the west, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast to the east and Mali to the west.

In the West of Africa, Guinea was formerly known as French Guinea, but is now called Guinea-Conakry, to distinguish it from Guinea Bissau and Equatorial Guinea. Many Africans call the country "Guinea" or "Conakry," to avoid confusion with its neighbor Equatorial Guinea (formerly French Guinea). In the east of the continent it is also called "Gueckedou" to separate from its neighbour Guinea Bissao, and in the south "Monrovia" because of its proximity to Mali.

Conakry covers the entire country, which was formerly called French Guinea, but the modern state of Guinea was not created until 1958. Guinea - Bissau was once part of the Kingdom of Guinea, the second largest kingdom in West Africa, and was divided into 37 sectors. Parts of this kingdom existed until the 18th century; Guinea's history goes far beyond European colonization. It was divided into two parts, Guinea BISSau and Guinea Gueckedou, to the east and west respectively, with a total population of about 5 million.

Boke, the administrative town of the region, has a large public square where all football matches (soccer) are watched or have a cold Amstel light when the generators are on and the generator is on. Packages are organised in specific narrow geographical regions so that drivers can concentrate on a subset of adjacent roads for delivery every day.

For tourists who want to enjoy the West African coast of Conakry, the island offers a good sightseeing experience. For the more adventurous, there is an island in the archipelago near the Guinea-Bissau border called Tristao. The coast between Conaksry and Guinea BISSau also offers a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and the coasts of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.

Guinea-Bissau is a poor country and therefore the shopping possibilities are smaller than in Gambia or Senegal. Remember that although there is practically no traffic on the roads, BISSau is also a good country for cyclists, because it is very flat and very close to the Atlantic Ocean and the coast.

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More About Conakry

More About Conakry